Frequently Asked Questions

ccm:trak is hands down the fastest,
most efficient, most accurate
and most economical
Chronic Care Management tracking system available.

"I can literally fully record and document a CCM activity in 3 mouse clicks and never touch the keyboard."

"We were up and running the next day, with our full patient list loaded."

"I can track and bill for 300 patients now in the same amount of time it was taking me for 10 patients."

"We were losing thousands in billable time each month that we are now recouping."

"The new Care Plan Generator has exponentially increased the number of patients we have qualified for CCM."

What is ccm:trak?

ccm:trak is a computer software system developed by ICN Ventures, Inc., to help medical practices track time and data related to their chronic care patients. ccm:trak is designed to work alongside or in conjunction with your elctronic medical records and billing systems.

How does ccm:trak help a family practice?

Practices can be reimbursed for time they spend managing patients who qualify for chronic care, where a minimum of 20 minutes is spent on a patient. ccm:trak helps track and document time you are most likely already spending on chronic care patients but not getting paid for.

How much are you missing out on?

The table below shows some average reimbursement amounts. And remember, if you're not tracking CCM care, this is money left on the table!

Minutes per
Average Reimbursement Per Patient Annually with 100 CCM Patients Annually with 200 CCM Patients Annually with 500 CCM Patients
20 $62 $74,400 $148,800 $372,000
40 $109 $130,800 $261,600 $654,000
60 $133 $159,600 $319,200 $798,000

How does ccm:trak work?

ccm:trak allows approved staff at a medical practice to login to a secure website where they can record time and document notes related to caing for patients who qualify for chronic care management.

What features does ccm:trak have?

Watch this slide show to see an overview of the major features of ccm:trak:


How did ccm:trak come about?

ccm:trak was developed by ICN Ventures, Inc., a company that provides custom computer software solutions for businesses. In late 2015, we were asked by a medical practice to develop a system where their medical staff could simply and efficiently track time spent in chronic care management. After six months of collaboration with the practice, discussions with and observations of the medical staff, software design and development, and adding and adjusting new features, the software was launched at the practice in April, 2016.

The software immediately started making a profound difference in the speed, efficiency, accuracy and administration of chronic care related activities. Analysis of the time and data being tracked quickly provided the medical practice with previously unknown insight into and new perspective on its chronic care management efforts.

Then came the next question: Could ccm:trak help other practices with implementing chronic care management, or making their existing chronic care management more efficient and cost effective?

The answer was a resounding "yes"!

As word about ccm:trak has spread, we have been able to bring several new medical practices on board, and new practices are coming online every month.

If your practice is looking to implement chronic care management or make your chronic care management efforts more efficient, and want to do that in a cost-effective and collaborative way, contact ICN Ventures.

How much does ccm:trak cost?

We developed ccm:trak primarily to help small to medium sized medical practices. In an era where everyone seems to be trying to get rich in the medical industry, we are seeking to be a pleasant surprise for doctors by keeping things reasonably priced and being easy to do business with.

Many CCM software providers are charging as much as $5 to $15 per patient per month for a CCM tracking system, with sometimes thousands of dollars in up front licensing and setup fees, where what you see is literally all you will ever get.

We are doing things quite differently with ccm:trak...
  1. We offer a simple, straight-forward Business Associate Agreement that meets HIPAA guidelines.
  2. There are no up-front licensing or setup fees for ccm:trak.
  3. We charge less than $1.00 per month for each patient for which any time is recorded during the month.

  4. We want ccm:trak to be an ongoing collaboration. As practices see the need for new features and find ways to make ccm:trak more efficient and effective, we will work with them to enhance ccm:trak so everyone benefits. And there are no additional charges for upgrades, enhancements and new features.
  5. At the end of the day, we could structure something that would enable us to make money off chronic care management hand over fist. As a business, of course we want to make money. But we see a much bigger picture here, and feel that our top priority with ccm:trak should be to help small to medium size medical practices overcome the challenges of chronic care management.

What are the technology requirements to use ccm:trak?

All a practice needs to use ccm:trak is a web browser--such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari--and access to the Internet.

Does ccm:trak integrate with my electronic records (EHR) system?

Currently ccm:trak has an interface with eMD's. But we have practices that use ccm:trak side-by-side with their EHR. The ability to pull in notes and other information from an EHR just makes the chronic care management effort more efficient and effective.